Hunting Invasive Pythons in Southern Florida Hotspots

Hunting invasive pythons

Photo by Capt Bill

Hunting invasive pythons in the Florida Everglades is an amazing experience.  The rapid spread of invasive Burmese pythons across the region. As the owner of Everglades Python Hunts, I have been hunting invasive pythons and have seen firsthand the threat these apex predators pose to native wildlife in this delicate wetlands ecosystem. We are determined to be part of the solution through hands-on python hunting.

In this article, we will answer some common questions about hunting invasive pythons in Southern Florida:

  • Where are the prime locations where we hunt pythons around Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Naples, and Fort Myers?
  • What methods and equipment do we use to hunt pythons? What safety precautions do we take?
  • What does the process of tracking, capturing, and removing pythons look like?
  • How does our python hunting play a broader role in Everglades conservation?

By reducing invasive python populations through hunting, we aim to protect the future of the magnificent Everglades and its native species. Join us as we discuss our mission to combat this ecological crisis hands-on.

Prime Python Hunting Locations

Here at Everglades Python Hunts, we operate tours and hunts in some of the biggest hot spots in Florida. While pythons can pop up anywhere in the Everglades, we consistently find a few areas to be highly populated by these invasive reptiles.

Fort Lauderdale/Miami

Fort Lauderdale offers abundant python habitat between the Everglades wilderness to the west and the urbanized coastline to the east. 

The Florida International University reports hundreds of python sightings around Fort Lauderdale alone. We frequently hunt pythons along levees and tree islands in conservation areas bordering Fort Lauderdale, using airboats to cover more difficult terrain.  pythons in Miami along drainage canals and marshlands using vehicles for accessibility. We capture numerous pythons basking along the edges of the marshes and roads winding through the wetlands.


Naples’ proximity to Ten Thousand Islands and Everglades National Park puts the area at high risk for python invasion. We work with hunters/officials to hunt pythons on the outskirts of Naples bordering these sensitive ecosystems. The increased spread west toward Naples demonstrates the need to control python populations from further expansion – and we are dedicated to doing just that.

Fort Myers

Like Miami, Fort Myers’ dense canal system provides ideal connectivity for pythons to travel and hunt. Our snake hunters access the vast canal network by boat to scan for pythons on canal banks during the day and set traps at night. Fort Myers has become a hot zone for python removal efforts to limit their westward spread across Southern Florida.

What Methods Are Used for Hunting Pythons?


We use vehicles like trucks and swamp buggies to access areas around Miami and Naples to hunt for pythons. Vehicles allow us to cover more ground searching for snakes along roads and canal banks in urban python hotspots. Our team scans for pythons basking along the roads as we safely drive through Everglades marshes.

With Airboats

Airboats are essential for hunting pythons deeper in the Everglades around Naples and Fort Myers, away from roads. Our shallow-water airboats can traverse the marshes and sawgrass more effectively, allowing us to search for these elusive predators for hundreds of acres. We capture numerous pythons basking on tree islands and levees.

Safety Precautions

Safety is vital when working in the python habitat. We wear protective snake boots when hunting pythons. Airboat operators are licensed and follow safe boating practices. We also carry first aid kits and communication devices in emergencies in the Everglades wilderness surrounding Naples and Fort Myers.

What’s the Process of Python Hunting?

Tracking and Finding Pythons

The first step to capturing pythons is locating where they hide and hunt. My years of experience in Francis S Taylor WMA and Everglades National Park, has given me extensive knowledge of prime python habitats. I search for snakes along canal banks in Fort Myers and marsh edges by airboat around Miami. Finding a python is all about putting time in the field.

Capturing Pythons

When a python is spotted, we use our hands; snake hooks wont work. For larger snakes, two people restrain the head, enabling a third hunter to grasp the python behind the head firmly. We bag and secure the snake the humanely euthanize it before leaving the area.


Pythons are humanely euthanized through approved methods such as a cap and bolt gun. You are not allowed to discharge a firearm in certain areas so this is the approved method.

By capturing breeding pythons in sensitive habitats bordering Everglades National Park near Naples, our hunting efforts directly reduce threats to native species. Fewer pythons in fragile ecosystems preserve native food webs and animal populations that uphold the entire Everglades biome. 

Our hands-on approach to python control limits further expansion and protects this World Heritage Site that spans from Naples to Miami across Southern Florida – and we invite you to join us in the effort!

If you’ve ever wondered what the thrill of hunting a python feels like, now is your chance. Not only will you have an unforgettable experience in the wild, but you’ll also be contributing to preserving one of the most unique and diverse ecosystems on our planet.

Python hunting also serves as important research opportunities for scientists and biologists studying the impact of invasive species on native wildlife. 

By participating in a Florida python hunt, you will not only gain valuable knowledge and hands-on skill, but you’ll also be making a positive impact on the environment! Your contributions will help protect endangered species, promote ecological balance, and support local communities.

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