Meet Captain Bill

Greetings, my name is Captain Bill and I am the owner of Everglades Python Hunts LLC. My companies offer a wide range of activities in the Florida Everglades, including python hunting. My private charters will take you deep into the Florida Everglades where these invasive snakes now call home. We utilize different means of transportation from vehicles to airboats and safety for my customers is priority number one!

I am a wildlife educator and conservationist. I donate my time to elected officials, youth events and respond to natural disasters. My airboats can do a lot of good to help and it is a passion of mine to assist.

I was fortunate to grow up in the Florida Everglades in the 1980’s. My father would take me out almost every weekend and we would explore the Everglades with family and friends. The life’s lessons and respect learned for mother nature and other Gladesmen, are what made me the person I am today. It built strong bonds with my family and gave me a deep appreciation for nature and this fragile ecosystem. I am blessed to share this beautiful ecosystem with my two children.

I have had my private airboat tour company for 10 years and have seen in that time a massive increase in Burmese pythons. These animals are systematically destroying the Florida Everglades ecology. When not running my tour company I spend my personal time in the field looking for the snakes, learning their habitats, predation, and reproduction.

This is a moral conviction of mine, and everybody should be doing their part to help remove these snakes. My love is for the Everglades and anyway I can help by donating my boats for elected officials, educating the younger generation, and being boots on the ground is my passion. Taking out, the Burmese python is now my priority! I am happy to bring our expertise and professionalism to offer you a safe and exhilarating experience for you and your family. Come join the fight and help me remove these dangerous invasive snakes from this beautiful and fragile ecosystem!